Birth rate decreased in South Korea

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A recent publication report has been decreasing in South Korea due to decrease in childbirth.

According to the statement of the February Fabian public, the officials said that the decline has decreased.

In February, the number of newly born children is 27,500. In comparison to a year ago, 3 thousand or 9.8 percent children are born now.

It has been the most recent data from the year since 1981 to get such statistics.

This data has been taken since 1981. It is the most recent data available. The study has shown that from December to December last year, in February, i.e. in 27 months the child’s birth rate is very low.

The study shows that the rate of birth of children is very low in December, from February to February, up to February. According to researchers, due to delay in marriage and the birth of a single child, the trend is increasing.

Marriage has fallen significantly compared to the previous year. In the February of this year, 19 thousand or 11.6 percent of the marriage was in February this year.

South Korea’s headache has become a headache for the rise in getting married and decreasing birth rates.