Bayern defeated the Real Madrid in the Champions League

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Real Madrid has strengthened the possibility of finishing the first leg of the European Champions League semifinals.

Real ball scored twice as crucial as Marco Escensio’s goal-winning Bainnern was on the ground of Bayern Munich. In the 28th minute, Joshua Kimmich scored the home team ahead. But in the 44th minute, Marcelo scored the goal by scoring the goal of Daniel Carbohal.

In the 57th minute, Marco Essenio scored the goal of Real Madrid. In the 71th minute, Ronaldo scored excellent goals, but after the referee struck the ball, Real leaked the chance to advance.

The attempts to return to the game of Bayern, which took over the time for the control of the game, failed to defeat the domestic field.

Earlier in the first leg of the semifinal, England Club Liverpool lost the Italian Club Romance 5-2.