6 lanes of Bhaktapur: 5 thousand accidents and 80 died in 5 years

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80 people have died in the accident since last 5 years in the 6 lane highway from Jadibuti to Suryabinayak, however, this route is also called as queen of the routes.

According to the data given by the metropolitan traffic superintendent, 106 people were injured on 1,619 were injured in 4,662 vehicles accident. Only 17 people have died till the current fiscal month.

Police said that four road ways like suryabinayak are trolling the accidents daily. According to locals, there are more trucks, tippers and motorcycles that are running faster than accidentally.

According to police, there is no adequate roadlight, lack of traffic lights on chowks, less over bridges, road blocking of four sides and high speeds of vehicles. MP Mahesh Basnet said that the road will be organized from Tinkune to Dhulikhel.