Archana Paneru, a wannabe Pornstar from Nepal, finally got married with a Foreigner

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Shortly before, publication of pornographic videos in social networks by herself, Archana Paneru has published her marriage images on the internet.

The news of her activities is being clang time to time even after closing such anxiety. At that time, when she used to publicize herself as a pornstar, Archana had to suffer from removing her from the school where she was studying, but she did not give rest to her act.

Even then, some producer and directors of the film sector queued up to take Archana in her film. They made her as main heroine in their films, but the audience was limited as the movie used to contain Archana’s sensational act. Millions of investments have been stagnant.

The news has reported that she is working as a bar in Kathmandu. She left some pictures of herself getting married to an American citizen through a social network. Publicizing photos of the affectionate of the wedding in Facebook, she wrote that “Got Married, Lucky to Get a Life Partner like You”. Is this the style or origin of getting back popular? Yet not confirmed.