Australia v India: SCG fourth Test, day three – live!


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16th over: Australia 47-0 (Harris 32, Khawaja 15) This is some excellent batting, Khawaja getting into position early to flick a boundary to fine leg with that lovely lift of the back foot when contact is made. Harris is better again, capping the over with a perfect cover drive. No need to run for that. Have a breather, I’d suggest, Mr Shami.

“Mon cher Adam.” Why, it’s Bob Wilson dropping us a line from Paris. Good evening over there, comrade. “Many thanks to the LemonCroftCollins trio for a really smooth OBO run in the last couple of games. Good areas. I love this series like a child or a puppy. It’s been a vintage squeeze. I get the current Australian sackcloth and ashes routine about this team but I think these Indians have been remarkable. The almost imperceptible increase in their grip on this has been a thing of beauty. We all love the hack and thump of dizzyingly macho mental disintegration but this lot have executed the most gradual schlonking I’ve ever seen. They have poached you like jellyfish in a jacuzzi. It’s like a romcom with a bodycount.”

I can’t add to that. Superb. A romcom with a bodycount, a new turn for Paul Rudd?

15th over: Australia 36-0 (Harris 28, Khawaja 8) Jadeja is on, and there is a dropped catch from the first ball of his spell! Well, Rahul didn’t quiteget to it at mid-on, but he should have. After talking up Harris, he’s played the false stroke, sounding ugly off his bat,, but he survives. He does well later in the over, keeping his cool after his reprieve to drive through cover from the balls of his feat, out to the rope for four.

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Written by Adam Collins (now) Geoff Lemon (later)Jonathan Howcroft (later yet)
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