Australia v South Africa: third Test, day five – live

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64th over: South Africa 157-6 (Jansen 10, Harmer 14) Spin to Harmer for the first time today, Lyon over the wicket floating them in at Jansen’s footmarks outside the off stump. Far less wear on this wicket than usual. But there is one particular patch, and after a few balls he hits it. The ball spins savagely in at Harmer, who inside edges it past short leg! Gets a run, but could so easily have gone to hand. Two short legs for Jansen, who normally only has long ones. The wicket almost comes on the other side! In about four different methods. Just gets a nick to a ball that might have had him lbw. The edge is heading for his stumps but ricochets off his back pad. The deflection heads for the keeper, but hits his pad rather than his gloves. Then it almost bounces to slip but lands just short. That’s some sequence.

63rd over: South Africa 156-6 (Jansen 10, Harmer 13) In the fourth over, Harmer gets the runs part of the scoreboard moving. Knocks a ball off a straight line behind square leg for two. Then decides to tackle the short ball, pulling Cummins airborne to the empty spot behind square leg. Four runs. They drop a deep forward square leg out, because they already have a leg slip and a fine leg behind square. Doesn’t matter, Harmer pulls the next ball anyway, but into the ground and finer to pick up a run.

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Written by Geoff Lemon (now) and Angus Fontaine (later)
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