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    Prakash Neupane

    Prakash Neupane is a R&B singer/rapper and composer. Studied at Morgan International college he is one of the member of the G Unity crew. Besides the being a singer and composer, he loves writing on various topics and cares about public causes.

    How to be a successful entrepreneur? Tips by Eric Luevano

    As a kid, Eric Luevano was taught that the 9-5 was the conventional way of life. Growing up in a Hispanic neighbourhood in Pasadena California, Eric was brought up with...

    Inspiring Story of American Rapper Jay Mula.

    Jay Mula, formally knows as Jay Mula is a Hiphop artist. He was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. Jay is of Latino descent. Raised by his grandparents...

    Inspirational Journey of French Influencer Orlando Segond Raynaud

    Orlando Segond Raynaud is a permanent resident of Toulouse, the pink city of France and is 24 years old. He is a popular French model, social media influencer and...

    Sri Lankan Producer Hesh drops out his new music video “OBE ADARE”

    Hesh Jay also known as Hesh is one of the most talented singer, composer and music producer. He has done collab with different international artist like Iraj, Delon and...

    The Wait Is Over, Nima Raya’s ‘Timilai Nai (Music Video) Is Here!

    For the music video, Nima Raya is joined by his friends, and female actor Kriti M. Limbu. Basically, the visuals portray a romantic love story but sad ending which...

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