The Wait Is Over, Nima Raya’s ‘Timilai Nai (Music Video) Is Here!

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For the music video, Nima Raya is joined by his friends, and female actor Kriti M. Limbu. Basically, the visuals portray a romantic love story but sad ending which is born from the creative imagination of the singer himself. Musically speaking, “Timi Lai Nai” has a contemporary take on Fusion pop music of Nepal. That is to say, it feels more like a genre-bending style fusion pop elements. On top of all of this, he is keeping a melodious sound.

Music Video of “Timilai Nai” has been shot by ” Debesh Rajkarnikar”, directed by “Nima Raya” and the music was arranged and recorded by “Brijesh Shrestha” from the Ness Studio, Nepal. We can say that, “Nima Raya is back with new bang after Najar Ma Najar.”

Clearly, Raya is seeking to become a multifaceted talent. Without further ado, check out this clip below !