Bellingham settles clásico with Real Madrid’s winner against Barcelona

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The league opened with Jude Bellingham and closed with him too. Way back in August, the Englishman stood before the stands at the place they call the Cathedral and spread his arms wide having scored on the first night of the rest of his life, his arrival announced; now, eight months later, he did it again, the entire Santiago Bernabéu welcomed in, all 77,981 of them, and millions more around the world. It has become a trademark, and it meant the title.

Ninety minutes were up in the biggest game on earth and it was 2-2 when Lucas Vázquez, absolutely tireless all night, delivered one last pass towards the far post, and there was Bellingham, the man to whom this season will always belong. Thundering in at the far post, he struck it first time with his left foot into the roof of the net, to send this place wild. It was his 17th league goal and it was the one that as good as secured the title. He had done it the Real Madrid way too; the more epic, the more enjoyable.

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Written by Sid Lowe at the Bernabéu
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