Best policemen in Kathmandu to receive awards each month

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The Kathmandu Metropolitan Police made a plan to reward the best police officers every month for excellent work from the New Year.

Six people from the police force have been honored by the “Police Police Academy” every month, up to the Deputy Superintendent DSP post. Speaking at a press conference in Kathmandu today, SSP Bharat Raj Pokharel said that excellent DSP will be provided 50,000 police officers, 35 thousand for police inspectors, 25 thousand police sub inspectors and 20 thousand police assistant inspectors, 15 thousand police personnel and 10 thousand rupees to police personnel.

Complex premises and Nepal Bangladeshi Bank Limited have been working for the money. The agreement has been signed between SSP Pokhrel and CEO of the bank, Gyanendra Dhangana, today.

According to the agreement, the bank has provided Rs. 18 lakhs for one year to reward police officers. About 3,300 police personnel are employed.