Daily 20 Quintal Tomato Production

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Farmer Ginalaal Muru of Khajra 2, Sitapur, Nepalgunj produces tomatoes from 10 to 20 quintals daily from their farm firm. He has been earning Rs 26,000 a day in season from tomatoes.

The tomato produced by him is Rs 13 a wholesale price. He has 17 family members in tomato farming. Muru said that farmers cultivate tomatoes in 15 bighas this year.

It is estimated that there will be about 80 lakhs of income this year. He owns 1 kathha land at Nepalgunj and bighas at Sitapur, Muru family, who made a strong house in the village, said.

The cost of land in Sitapur is more than six million rupees. There are also tractros, three auto rickshaws and other equipment in their house. Muru family has constructed a public temple at about one million rupees.

Muru family, who had tomato in 15 bigha, made 6-year insurance this year. From December 15 to the first half of the week, Daduwa disease has caused a major damage to the tomato. Even though he made 6 million insurance through the NLG Company, the Agriculture Office and the company poured out the sorrows that were trying to pay insurance money.