Blueair’s air purifiers launched

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TR Ganesh, general manager of Blueair MiddleEast (centre), launching Blueair indoor air purifiers, in Kathmandu, on Wednesday. Photo: THT

Kathmandu, May 16

Blueair, the world’s pioneer air purification solution, has launched indoor air purifiers of various price range in Nepali market today.

Blueair, owned by multinational Unilever, believes that sales will pick up along with their awareness campaign on air quality. Blueair has planned to launch a campaign on air quality and to establish air purifier as an essential commodity like how water purifiers have become these days.

“A few years ago, people used to drink water directly from the tap or boil it before consuming. However, along with awareness, people started using water purifiers, which have become one of the most essential commodities now,” said TR Ganesh, general manager of Blueair MiddleEast that looks after the Middle East and South Asian markets.

Blueair decided to launch the product in Nepal as the country’s ranking in air quality index is poor. “People normally think that the outdoor air is bad, but not many people know that air indoors can be 10 times worse,” he said. “This is because contained areas enable potential pollutants to build up more than open spaces do.”

Blueair air purifiers were already being supplied to the diplomatic missions in Nepal. Seeing the scope of the product in the Nepali market, the company decided to officially launch its products here.

Get Ahead Trading has been appointed the authorised dealer of the product, which will appoint sub-dealers mainly in urban areas first. Blueair has planned to launch its product range in Bangladesh after Nepal in the South Asian market.

The price of 20 types of air purifiers launched by the Blueair ranges from $150 to $2,000, depending on its size, and the appropriate product can be determined by the room size. The cheapest air purifier is for 18-square- metre room, while costliest is for 120 square metres, as per Ganesh, who joined Blueair after Unilever acquired the Sweden-based company in 2016.

With presence in over 75 countries, Blueair claims to have a huge customer base in China, United States, South Korea, Japan and India.

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