British Grand Prix: Kimi Raikkonen’s wife weighs in on Lewis Hamilton spat


After a dramatic race Kimi Raikkonen’s wife has her say on Lewis Hamilton’s comments while Ferrari’s car handles the conditions and McLaren attempt to reverse their decline

What had been a thrilling race to the end was still disappointing for Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes and they closed it with what felt like sour grapes. The suggestion that Ferrari were deliberately targeting their cars and that Raikkonen had intentionally hit Hamilton was farcical on many levels, not least that planning to do so would have had to anticipate Hamilton losing places.

Equally with damage likely to go both ways and Ferrari very much in the constructors’ fight it would been self-defeating. Hamilton and Mercedes have since accepted it was a racing incident. Their reaction was perhaps a reflection of the heat of the moment and the shock of being beaten in their backyard where they have been so dominant for so long. Raikkonen’s wife Minttu had her own take on the spat. “If you cry like a girl when you lose, do ballet,” she wrote on Instagram.

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Written by Giles Richards
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