Candlelight Tribute at Maitighar – Nepal offers Prayers to Syrian Victim and Families

Nepal volunteers in Raising their silent voice as they performed a Candlelight march at Maitighar Mandala this Monday

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Nepal hosted a Candlelight march as a Tribute to the Syrian Civil War Victims and their Families yesterday at Maitighar Mandala, Kathmandu. Hundreds of Nepalese youth showed up to offer their prayings this Monday.

With the recent development in the Syrian Civil war, Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently ordered a 5-hour pause in Syrian government’s assault on the Ghouta area. It will start today which includes the creation of “humanitarian corridor” for the civilians to leave the area. On last Saturday, UN Security Council also demanded that “all parties cease hostilities without delay for at least 30 consecutive days” for medical evacuation and humanitarian aids.

Social Media are filled with Hashtags to show their support towards the victims. Hashtags like #PrayForSyria, #SaveSyria, #SyriaIsBleeding and #SaveSyrianChildren are trending on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.