Chait Chhat at Janakpur

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On the occasion of Chait Chhath yesterday the sun had given offerings in different districts of Tarai.

The festival was completed after giving the clearance to the sun in today morning.

The excavation method was completed during the Chhatti Mata devi of Mithalinchal, which started on Wednesday.

Chhata, Karthik and Chait are the months in which offerings are done. On Thursday, the second day of the festival, the fasting were eaten, filled with puddy, pudding, salt-free vegetables. Which is called ‘Sadana’ in the local language.

After the conspiracy, the fasters are given the food today after the final offering. On this cosmic festival, traditional dishes are offered as banana, coconut, bullock, orange, sugarcane, rice and wheat flour, cucumber, etc. materials are provided on locally-made clay racks and basket or basins.