Coke announces 17 winners to go to Russia

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Coca-Cola Nepal has declared the name of 17 lucky winners under “Coke khhaam Russia Jaaum” campaign.

The name of 23 lucky winners is still to be announced. There are winners going to see the World Cup that will be the 4 lucky week to see the World Cup – Furba Sherpa from Bouddha, Saanubabu Kapil of Chapagun, Prachanda Man Baniya from Thamel and Aakash Upadhya from Sanjgya.  Similarly, Prem Choudhary of Tilganga is the winner to win 24 inches television this week.

Under the scheme, 40 lucky consumers will have a chance to see the World Cup 2018 live in Russia with full expenses.

Still 23 lucky winners will get to Russia.