Damage of Gordon Elliott’s ‘moment of madness’ will take years to erase

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British Horseracing Authority has been right to accentuate the positive, but stain of trainer’s actions will remain for a long time

It comes with the territory for the chief executive of the British Horseracing Authority that you can never be entirely sure when or where the next big problem will emerge. The scandal surrounding a picture of Gordon Elliott posing for a camera astride a dead horse on his gallops that emerged last week was, technically at least, outside the jurisdiction of Julie Harrington, who took over the role in January, but she knows only too well how much damage has been done to British racing over the past seven days and that it will be down to the BHA to repair as much as it can.

Harrington appeared on ITV’s Opening Show programme on Saturday to outline a little of what needs to happen next after Gordon Elliott was banned from training for 12 months on Friday – with six months suspended.

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Written by Greg Wood
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Damage of Gordon Elliott’s ‘moment of madness’ will take years to erase

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