After the defeat of Afghanistan, what did Captain Parash say?

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Nepali team captain Parash Khadka said that he will try to win the final game.

After the third consecutive defeat in the World Cup, Nepal’s Super Six is ​​likely to be weak. On Saturday, Nepal lost 6 wickets with Afghanistan.

Captain Parash Khadka said that if the 30/40 additional runs were added, the situation was different.

He said that he could not continue even after he started a good start. He said, ‘We have a game left. We have tried, but we lost three games. ‘

“We try to win the last game,” he said before saying that every game will be played for the country and for the winner.

Captain Khadka accepted that Nepal could not play according to his ability to win the World Cup.

He said that there is only some domestic game of Nepal after the tournament that he wants to play more games.