Dharmus Team in Pokhara, to see the place to make a Cricket Stadium

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The team comprising artist Sitaram Khatel (Dharmus), who has been involved in the making of cricket at the International Stadium, has seen the potentially 4 places of Pokhara, which can be constructed on Saturday.

ICC Nepal’s lead Bhawana Ghimire, MP and former Chairman of the Cricket Association Deepak Koirala, media activist Ravi Lamichhane, and Western Region Regional Development Committee Chairman Khagraj Poudel have also observed the possibility.

The team had reviewed the field of playground located at the city’s training center, located in Pokhara Leknath Metropolitan Municipality 3 in Pokhara Rally, Pokhara Rangetari of Municipal Municipality 20 Paterni, Pashupati Aryaghat and Metropolitan Municipality in Lampatan.

Of these, the cricket field of Pokhara Radios is said to be the most appropriate. Khajraj Poudel, Chairman of the Western Regional Sports Development Committee, said that the field of playground was best suited to see if all four fields were held in the Pokhara.

“There is a possibility of snowfall and breadth from all four places called ‘Potential’, but the painting looks suitable for all,” he said.

The conclusion has been found in the field before the detailed project report that can be constructed only 20,000 capacity building.

According to the sources, the team with Dharmus has said that there will be additional land for the capacity to accommodate 35 thousand viewers of international level, adding that more land will be provided for the land of the Regional Regional Sports Development Committee Khagraj Poudel.

The ground training center is of 200 ropes, and the plant of Pashantari Aryaghat in Paternary is 200 rounds. Similarly, the ground is situated in Hamapak of Hamza.

After observing the possibilities of making a Cricket Stadium, the Engineer Dharmus said that it is suitable for making Pokhara cricket field without beautiful and tourist.

Although he is a technical subject to make Cricket Radios, he said that decision will be taken only after the discussion with the technical and other engineers. He also informed that in Pokhara, Chitwan, Hetauda, ​​Rupandehi and Kathmandu also, and evaluating all the comparatively evaluations, he said that the place of Cricket Club will be tangled.

Dharmus started to create a painting and to get rid of that model. “Whereas a stadium becomes a building, it becomes a model, a building is a building, being a country, government to stakeholders and public representatives are also positive.” He said, “If there is a positive impact on the other side, it is also a message that the country is also closed. Wherever there is a living room, you will have to leave it.