England v Australia: third ODI – live!


31st over: England 269-1 (Bairstow 126, Hales 57) Agar bowls, and Hales flays his first delivery down the ground for another enormo-six. Bairstow then tries a gentle paddle over his left shoulder, and very nearly into the hands of the fielder at short fine leg. Sixteen off the over.

30th over: England 253-1 (Bairstow 122, Hales 45) Stoinis bowls, and another sweet, vicious shot from Bairstow sends the ball back into the stands, from where it returns with a large chunk of leather torn loose. It’s swapped for another, and Bairstow swiftly sets about destroying that one too, howitzering it wide of midwicket for four. Of all opening batsmen who have batted more than 10 innings in ODI history three average more than 50: Amla (50.70), Sharma (53.80), and Bairstow, out on his own with an average of 67.93 (h/t Rob Smyth for the stat).

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Written by Simon Burnton
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