England v Croatia: Nations League – live!

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47 min “Re: Stones and Gomez’s partnership, did we make the most of the recent golden era of English centre-backs?” says Jarrell Anthony. “Despite having John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, Jamie Carragher and Sol Campbell, amongst others, to choose from, I can’t remember a consistent, stable partnership that was lauded in the manner of Pique/Ramos, for instance. Thoughts?”

I think they did make the most of their ability, yeah, certainly at the World Cup in 2002 and 2006. Euro 2004 was slightly different because Ferdinand was suspended and Terry had a bit of an iffy tournament, but generally the problem with that team was that they didn’t score enough and that Wayne Rooney kept getting injured at the worst possible time. As for a stable partnership, from memory it was usually Ferdinand and Campbell from 2001-03, then Ferdinand and Terry from 2004-06.

46 min Peep peep! England begin the second half. Croatia have made their second substitution, with Rebic replaced by Josip Brekalo.

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Written by Rob Smyth
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