England v India: second Twenty20 cricket international – live!


19th over: India 126-5 (Dhoni 17, Pandya 11) Dhoni thumps Jordan, but only for two, thanks to an athletic half-stop by Plunkett. Jordan finds a couple of yorkers, only for Panda to go deep in the crease and play an inspired jab for six. A better over for India, yet the run rate remains below seven.

18th over: India 115-5 (Dhoni 14, Pandya 3) Willey shows some hostility, with a fiery bouncer. Pandya responds with some useful nudges, but this is an evening for the bowlers and Willey finishes with 1-18 off his four overs. He is growing into international cricket.

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Written by Tim de Lisle
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