England v Pakistan: first Test, day three – live!


20th over: England 37-2 (Root 22, Malan 0) Hasan bowls, and at no point in the over does bat meet ball.

Beginning to wonder if England’s performance in this Test is a) A noble protest on behalf of supporters against Lord’s ticket, drink and food prices and ECB cash-grabbing b) An avante-garde Turner Prize entry or c) Both.

19th over: England 37-2 (Root 22, Malan 0) Root takes a single off the fourth ball, giving Shadab a couple of deliveries at the left-handed Malan, which he’s very excited about. A crowd of close fielders is brought in, but Malan comfortably survives. One more over before lunch.

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Written by Simon Burnton (now) and Tim de Lisle (later)
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