England v Pakistan: first Test, day two – live!


51st over: Pakistan 136-3 (Shafiq 28, Babar 8) WHAT?! Shafiq, in response to the first all of the final over before lunch, pops Bess into the Tavern Stand! A mighty wallop that is. As I noted before though, he’s a brave cricketer. Fair play. It doesn’t bother Bess too much through, who keeps tossing it up. Shafiq gets off strike with a quick single to mid-on and Babar plays out the last couple of balls to take them to lunch.

50th over: Pakistan 129-3 (Shafiq 21, Babar 8) Jimmy’s last over before the break but it won’t result in another breakthrough. Babar gets up nice and high to clip one in front of square. Shafiq grabs one to point later in a relatively sedate set compared with Anderson’s previous couple.

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Written by Adam Collins (now) and Simon Burnton (later)
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