England v Pakistan: second Test, day one – live!

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Strong morning for England, and despite suggestions that they should have more wickets by this point, I’d wager they would have whipped your arm off like a hungry shark if you’d offered them this at the start of play. Of the three bowlers only Curran has looked a bit innocuous, and we’ll let him off that for now as he’s not old enough to rent a car.

26th over: Pakistan 68-4 (Usman 3, Sarfraz 6) Sarfraz spends a decent amount of time complaining about movement behind the bowler’s arm, which brings up two thoughts: 1) is it really that distracting if someone shifts a little bit near the sight screen and 2) the players’ balconies are right above said sight screen – isn’t that going to cause a few problems? Anyway, Sarfraz settles himself enough to drive Broad through the covers for four, despite a despairing dive from Curran, then flick another round the corner. And that’s lunch.

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Written by Nick Miller (now) and Rob Smyth (later)
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