England v West Indies: first Test, day two – live!


Hello world!

Just 17.4 overs were played yesterday – at least there are no fans to refund – but it was a pleasure just to watch cricket not be played because of rain, with all its familiar frustrations, having spent the preceding months watching cricket not be played because of a global pandemic, less familiar and far less likely to clear up within a couple of hours with a bit of luck.

You can’t understand the history of cricket without understanding the history of empire. You can’t appreciate the rivalries between these, and other, teams, without appreciating the relationship between our countries, what’s been given, and what’s been taken.

You can’t understand the hostility of Michael Holding’s bowling without understanding what made him so angry, you can’t appreciate Frank Worrell’s grace as a captain without knowing something of the prejudice he faced, you can’t value the violence of Viv Richards’ batting without a sense of what he was fighting against.

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Written by Simon Burnton (now) and Tanya Aldred (later)
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