England’s bowlers have cast a spell in Pakistan without a magician | Tim de Lisle

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Only one other side has taken all 60 wickets in a three-Test series in Pakistan –and Sri Lanka had Muttiah Muralitharan

When cricket lovers discuss this new England, they rave about the batting. So fearless! Five an over! All day long! Sometimes even seven! And everybody at it (except Ben Foakes, the designated driver). If fast scoring was all Ben Stokes and Brendon McCullum had brought us, it would be quite something. But they would not have won nine Tests out of 10.

The second most exciting thing about this new era, and perhaps the most significant, is that England keep bowling their opponents out. Whether they’re facing New Zealand, India, South Africa or Pakistan, every time Stokes’s England take the field, they come back with all 10 wickets. The only time they didn’t collect 20 in a match was against South Africa at Lord’s in August, when the batters blew it and England lost by an innings. It really is All Or Nothing.

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Written by Tim de Lisle
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