Eugene Amo-Dadzie: the remarkable journey of ‘world’s fastest accountant’

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Sprinter prepares for world championship debut at the age of 31 hoping his story as a late developer can act as an inspiration

“There is an element of my journey that doesn’t really make sense,” says Eugene Amo-Dadzie, AKA the world’s fastest accountant, as he relives the astonishing story of how he reached his first World Athletics Championships at the age of 31. “It’s not very logical. It’s very rare, very unique. I want people to look at it, be inspired by it, and know that it’s never too late.”

Until 2018, Amo-Dadzie’s sporting journey was as unremarkable as thousands of others, up and down the land. He was a talented athlete as a kid, capable of running 11.3sec for 100m with little formal training. But then life, university and his job working as a senior accountant got in the way. But in the winter of 2018, he suddenly decided to give track and field a whirl.

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Written by Sean Ingle
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