Few tears for Spain’s Jorge Vilda, the man who thought he was untouchable

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The 42-year-old, who was sacked on Tuesday, had not won anything since 2011 and there was a feeling Spain’s World Cup triumph came despite him, not because of him

Winning the World Cup has put an international spotlight on the Spanish national women’s team and, alongside Luis Rubiales, Jorge Vilda’s true self has come to light. During Rubiales’ now infamous assembly speech, the president of the Spanish football federation (RFEF) offered the Spain manager a new four-year contract on €500,000 a year, not more and no less to prove a point. While 11 members of the coaching staff of the national team released a joint statement in support of Jennifer Hermoso, Vilda was not part of it. He made his stance clear in support of the RFEF president and not the players who won him a World Cup.

Now, 16 days after the triumph in Sydney, Vilda is gone, sacked by the RFEF after the fallout from Rubiales kissing Hermoso on the lips at the prize ceremony. He will be missed by hardly anyone.

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Written by Alex Ibaceta in Madrid
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