Finland as happiest, Nepal in the 101st

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The finest figures in the world have become public in the world. In the World’s Happiest Measurer Report of United Nations International, the total number of 156 countries, Finland has succeeded as the top.

The BBC has mentioned that the immigrants should be included in the first choice as well. Last year, Norway’s top position on the on the happiest proceeded by Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and Australia.

America and Britain have succeeded in the 18th and 19th respectively. People of the European Union have succeeded in increasing the age of happiness in the coming summit.

The situation in conflict-making countries and the African countries is sad. The worst African people in the Middle East are Burundi. Meanwhile, Nepal has been ranked in 101st in the list. Nepal’s third place in South Asia is third.

Nepal has fallen down 3 places in the past year. India is in the 33th position. In South Asian countries, Pakistan and Bhutan are ranked first and second.

The total gas production of 156 countries in the world was studied based on social status, corruption situation, and average age.