Besisahar-Chaame route blocked

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The road from the Besisahar-Chaame has blocked the road because of hailstorm. According to the locals, the roads have been blocked due to the collision of large rocks on the path Marsayangdi village of Lamjung. Road traffic has been blocked after the only road to Manang district. According to Suman Gurung, Vice President of Masyandadi 4, the vehicles which came from Manang and from the neighboring town of Manang were stopped.

The road has been blocked as the blocks of rocks fell at 25 kilometers from the city of the Besisahar. According to President Gurung, he said that the number of tourists for some days will increase due to increase in the way. Arjun Gurung, president of Marsyabgdi rural municipality, said that the road will not be opened by the minor machines.

After the road has been blocked, passenger traffic has been in a large disturbance.