Fractured spirit hurt the Cavaliers as much as luck in the NBA finals opener


Cleveland could not stay united in the same way as their opponents as a thrilling Game 1 reached its climax on Thursday night

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers had every reason to be angry with JR Smith on Thursday night. Their last, best chance at a miraculous upset in Game 1 of the NBA finals disappeared as Smith dribbled what appeared to be victory circles as the final seconds of regulation expired in a tied game. Of course they were furious. Nothing had gone right in the last 48 seconds of a game they should have won.

The series of calamities that included a reversed charge-call against Golden State’s Kevin Durant and George Hill’s missed free throw (the rebound of which, Smith grabbed before his dribble out) were enough to outrage anyone. And James was livid. The photo of him with his arms out, screaming at Smith, may be the lasting image of his time with the Cavaliers.

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Written by Les Carpenter
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