Fuel price hike again; increased by 4 in a month

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Nepal Oil Corporation has increased the price of petroleum products. According to the corporation, the adjustment of the goods according to the increase in the international market, accordingly.

“According to the new Oil Scheme from the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), 1 rupee of the petroleum petrol, diesel and kerosene has increased at Rs 2/2, “said spokesperson Birendra Goet said. The new price will apply from 12 am on Monday.

According to the new price, the petroleum price of Rs.106 per liter, diesel and kerosene is Rs 87/87 per liter. Therefore, the petroleum price was Rs. 105 rupees, diesel 85, diesel 85 rupees. According to the new price, 2 rupees 91 paisa is worth the profit in the petrol. Spokesperson Give said that the diesel was Rs 0.76 per liter.

The corporation has kept the value of cooking LP gas and air fuel. The cooking lip gas is worth Rs. 1375. The international rate of flight fuel is Rs 95 per liter. Air fuel has set US $ 1 per liter to international.

After the corporation went to excessive deficit, the government had applied liable to 2071 units. According to automatic value, IOC sends a new value for 1 and 15 minutes. According to the same, the corporation has been adjusting the price. Earlier, on April 2, two rupees per liter increase in petrol, diesel and Kerosene increased. By April 15 there was a dividend of Rs 20 million. According to the new fund, the financial profit has gone up to Rs 216.2 million.