Gabriel Jesus double eases Manchester City past 10-man Wolves

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If there is one thing that Liverpool should know, squatting defiantly at the top of the Premier League, it is that Manchester City have no intention of seeing another team remove the championship trophy from their possession. Pep Guardiola’s team made that clear when Liverpool came here two Thursdays ago and, in their latest victory, it quickly became clear the reigning champions are quite happy playing this game of catch-up – for now, at least.

By the time they were finished the gap at the top had come back down to four points, Gabriel Jesus had fully justified Guardiola’s decision to keep him in the starting lineup and the goalkeeper, Ederson, had been impudent enough to stroll out of City’s penalty area and nonchalantly start to stroke around the ball in midfield. The crowd loved those moments and, briefly, it did seem to cross Ederson’s mind that he might continue those little one-twos even further upfield and join everybody else in the hunt for more goals. Do not bet against it happening at some point.

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Written by Daniel Taylor at the Etihad Stadium
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