Germany hope the lights don’t go out on Munich’s new sense of euphoria


The thrilling win over Portugal and easing of lockdown have transformed the mood of the people in the Bavarian capital

Leon Goretzka could hardly have captured the mood any better. “We already have the feeling there is a certain euphoria after the difficult year and a half that is behind all of us,” the Germany midfielder said. “It’s just nice that we have 82 million national team head coaches again, rather than 82 million virologists.”

The Nationalmannschaft are gathering momentum in a major competition and, all of a sudden, there is a sense of nature’s equilibrium being restored. In common with much of central Europe, a country is being allowed out of its shell; Covid-19 rates in Munich are at their lowest for 10 months and, with many restrictions having been lifted, there is a wildness in the midsummer air. Add to the mix a football team that have rediscovered their ability to inspire optimism and the confluence of circumstances is intoxicating. This city is not quite able to present the vivid, cosmopolitan extravaganza it became at the 2006 World Cup; nobody would have expected that this year. It pulsates with an emotional rawness that might not readily be associated with the Bavarian capital, though, and the feeling will crank up another notch on Wednesdaynight.

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Written by Nick Ames in Munich
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