Hawking’s grief to mankind

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‘Black hole cannot come out at once. There is no constellation or ray from any source, once the black holes pass, it loses its existence.’ In 1974, Stephen William Hanks proposed this principle. However, in 2014, the principle was corrected, ‘Yes, I made a mistake. Some things that can be done on the black hole cannot be avoided. ‘

Singular science became a sensation. The world’s most recognized scientists can make such a big mistake, based on the questions about how to trust others. Comments come from the fact that human beings are not of fault hacking. It was also a mistake that the students who were charged with the university, who were teaching such a wrong principle should return the fee. What does this confirm? – Whatever good works, a small mistake will forget all the good things. It was not only for ordinary people but also in the world’s most intelligent scientists’ rights. Slowly this thing went out. His new theory opened hundreds of researchers for new research. These Stephen Hawking are not among us now. But, his theory, dozens of books he wrote and the movie made on him will always keep him immortal.

All the Nobel Prize thinks the scientists measure their superiority unit. Stephen Hawking did not get Nobel Prize. It does not mean that they have depreciated their contribution. Technology is not invented to practice their principles. Experiment testing on space and black holes is not surprising. Scientists say that for a few centuries now.

Hawking amyotrophic was associated with the disease called lacteal squirrels. While studying at Oxford University, he started showing symptoms of this disease. Slowly, the diseases started developing, and they started losing their lips, hands and feet. He fell in a hurry when someone tried to walk, write, or help. ‘I am not in anything else. I am a scientist at first, am a writer and then a general man. Like others, I have the ability to do my work as well as me. ‘

After some time, most organs of the body stopped working. He could not go anywhere without wheelchairs. A computer connected to the wheelchairs. They had left their hands. What was the Janga to eat food? Gualala’s move started using the computer. Shortly afterwards, the Intel Company was constructed as a computer that operates with you by capturing the waves and face of the brain. When he was professing at Cambridge, the University campus should be forced to be called whilst friendly. Doctors also told the family that she did not even celebrate the 25th birthday. However, he lived for 76 years. Quantity became the world’s best scientist in physics.

Hawking was not only an efficient scientist but an inspiring speaker. With the help of computer connected to his wheelchair, he was giving inspirational statements from time to time. All his statements are very lifetime. Their discourse never centered on any single topic. Sometimes when God, when science, when important importance of education, then the meaning of human being – he kept his thoughts on various issues.

Earth is not the only planet in the universe. Like the earth, astronomical cells may be in the number of thousands in the universe. Likewise, life is also possible. Stephen Hawking was always alerting everyone about the possible assault that could be from the occupy.

Columbus detected America. This curse proved to be a curse for the tribal. When the demons come to the earth, our situation will also happen to happen. ‘Many cannot understand this possibility, but it cannot be said. Various powers have spent millions of years to study in the outside of the earth.

Hunting also kept alerting everyone to avoid artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the product of human mind. However, remedies and analytical power of the built-in devices are becoming more and more. All devices that humans can do can easily make these devices easier. Hunting always wanted- man should control artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence not man.