Home Minister’s uncertain inspection at TIA, staffs on penalties

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Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ has investigated at Tribhuvan International Airport. On Tuesday afternoon Thapa uncertainly inspected the workplaces of different staffs on reaching the airport.

While Thapa reached the airport, most of the staff at arrival and the international flights departure were not in the work area. Only four employees out of were found in the workplace.

When Thapa asked for a query, an employee had called “as launch hour”. He said that the workers who are not working in the workforce should be taken action.

He also observed the control room at the airport. Thapa has said that he has prioritized the improvement of every area in which he was under the control of the Home Ministry.

“Our aim is that the citizens coming here do not have to suffer,” he said. “The employee who are not in working area will be palletized”, he added.

Earlier, Thapa inspected the Central Prison in Sundhara on Tuesday.