India lifts NTBs on ginger imports

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Kathmandu, July 3

The government of India has lifted all the barriers in import of fresh ginger produced in Nepal.

Issuing a notification on Monday, the Department of Commerce under India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry, said that Indian importers are now allowed to import fresh ginger wholly produced from Nepal that are classified under harmonised system code 09101110 without any duties as per the provision of the Indo-Nepal Treaty of Trade.

Ginger traders were facing hassles in exporting ginger to India as the Indian quarantine had restricted import of fresh ginger stating that the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) had not allowed import of ginger in raw form since the implementation of goods and services tax (GST).

As per the rules, the (Indian) importers were asked to obtain permit from DGFT to import fresh ginger.

The Indian and Nepali authorities had held talks in Siliguri to resolve this issue in October last year.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies (MoICS) had corresponded with its counterpart ministry to remove the barriers in ginger export citing the provision of bilateral trade treaty, which provides preferential market access for Nepali agro products.

Ravi Shanker Sainju, joint secretary of MoICS, said that the perennial problem created by Indian quarantines is finally over along with this notification from Department of Commerce, India.

Written by Sandeep
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