Jason Kenny: ‘Winning will take care of itself if we do everything right’


The most successful British athlete in Olympic history has taken on a coaching role and is looking to bring success and enjoyment to British Cycling

“It was only on the back straight on the last lap,” Jason Kenny says as he remembers the moment last year in Tokyo when, in the final of the keirin, he realised that he might be about to win his seventh gold medal and become the most successful British athlete in Olympic history. “I’d come through the bell fully expecting them to catch me and then I hit the back straight and at that point all you want to do is climb off and go home. It hurts that much. But I kept telling myself: ‘It’s a medal, it’s a medal, it’s a medal.’ I was driving, driving, driving because, even if one or two come past me, they might not all catch me. Then, on the home straight, it was like: ‘Oh, it could be a gold medal.’”

Kenny, who is usually such a quiet and undemonstrative man, laughs loudly as we look across the deserted track at the Derby Velodrome. We’re a long way from Tokyo and that defining moment last August when Kenny rode his final race as a competitive cyclist. He is retired now, adjusting to his new role as Team GB’s men’s sprint cycling’s head coach and, on the day we meet, it’s his 34th birthday.

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Written by Donald McRae
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