Kyle Edmund: Is he the new Andy Murray? Or just Tim Henman?


The Yorkshireman is meticulous, athletic, powerful and hard-working. At 23 he has yet to win a title but he is improving

“You’re not really thinking about it. You’re in the zone, you’re in the match. You go into a place where you’re right in it, zoned in. The crowd is the crowd, a great atmosphere. If you could take yourself out of your body and look at the environment you’re playing in, it’s a special occasion playing on that court. It’s packed and you’re in a dogfight. But there’s no nerves. You’re just playing. You’re obviously aware of the situation but it wouldn’t help to get nervous. You have to keep going and believe in yourself.”

Thus did Kyle Edmund describe his departure from the Italian Open in a tie-break against the defending champion, Alexander Zverev, that they stretched over 24 points, long, tense exchanges piling on top of each like layers of too much chocolate cake melting in the afternoon sun. The fans, crammed on to the marble steps of Court Pietrangeli – an open air theatre of delights – were spent and sated. So, how could the players fail to engage?

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Written by Kevin Mitchell
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