Last ‘Break Through’ of the Melamchi tunnel in Chaita 29: Minister Magar

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The Drinking Water Minister said that the last break of the work of mining of tunnel under the Melamchi drinking water project will be on Wednesday.

Addressing a meet for greetings and congratulations in Kathmandu, CPN-M-Maoist province 7 number-and Kathmandu Federation of People’s Party (Kathmandu) meet, addressing the greetings and congratulations program, Minister said that the flow of plan and the direction reached the stage of ‘Brake Through’.

‘After coming to the ministry, I continued to flow up the tunnel work, I made progress,’ she said. ‘Looking at the progress of the work can be brought to Kathmandu from the alternate route by this Dashain.’

She told that the project will provide clean drinking water in the public home.

“Water from the iceberg can be sold at a costly price to the foreign nations,” said Minister Magar. “We will establish a drinking water industry, create employment and process to earn income.”