Lewis Hamilton seals miracle German Grand Prix win after Vettel crashes out


• British driver wins in Hockenheim after starting in 14th
• Sebastian Vettel crashes out while leading the race

By the time he stood atop the podium at the German Grand Prix, the atmosphere around Lewis Hamilton was positively apocalyptic. The rain that had played such a crucial role in his victory had turned torrential. Great crashes of thunder rolled across the Hockenheimring, punctuated by staccato flashes of lightning amid dense clouds that subsumed the circuit in a sea of grey. Nature itself, it seemed, was determined to mark one of the most extraordinary and unlikely wins Formula One has seen and provide a suitably dramatic backing as the result hung in the balance for over two and half hours, while Hamilton waited on tenterhooks to see if his victory would stand.

At the heart of the maelstrom as the national anthem played, stood Hamilton, arms outstretched, head turned towards the heavens, rain streaming from his face, simply glorying in the moment. He had started from 14th, a win was beyond his wildest expectations. But it was only ultimately confirmed at gone 7.30pm when the stewards decided not to penalise him for a late exit from the pit‑lane entry, issuing a reprimand instead.

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Written by Giles Richards at the Hockenheimring
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