Life down an Arsène Wenger YouTube rabbit hole at three in the morning

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As the Arsenal manager takes his leave, writers for Arseblog tell Donald McRae, a fellow Gooner, about what it feels like to be losing such a key part of their lives after 22 years

Arsène Wenger’s head fell off and rolled across the glass table before plunging on to my living room floor. Last week, an hour after Arsenal had lost to Atlético Madrid, to ruin the fleeting dream of Wenger’s final match as manager being in the Europa League final, I had lifted up the old bobble-head and prepared to move it back to the window sill.

As a family joke, and a worrying sign of my lifelong support of Arsenal, I had been given this wonderfully naff homage to the club’s greatest-ever manager years ago. The Wenger bobble-head had stayed in my office until March 2013 when, after a 3-1 home defeat against Bayern Munich, we needed a miracle in the second leg.

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Written by Donald McRae
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