Magnus Carlsen v Fabiano Caruana: World Chess Championship, Game 6 – live!

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We’re off and running in Game 6 (after the ceremonial first move by Kay Burley) and we have our first Petroff: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6. This is Caruana’s best known prep and one of the subjects of what was revealed in the apparent intel leak. It plays right to the heart of the challenger’s strength and is his opening of choice. Here we go.

At game six. A “sharp” Petroff.

Good day and welcome to London for today’s Game 6 of the world chess championship between Norway’s Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana of the United States. We’re back in action after yesterday’s fifth draw in as many games where the best-of-12-games match remained deadlocked at 2½-all.

Game 1 was the best of the lot so far: a grueling seven-hour, 115-move draw, where Carlsen nearly become the first defending champion to win the opening game of a world title match with the black pieces in 37 years. The next three – Saturday’s Game 2, Monday’s Game 3 and Tuesday’s Game 4 and and yesterday’s Game 5 – have been most safer, conservative affairs. But the threat of first blood continues to loom over the proceedings.

The players

The general thinking was that Caruana faced extra pressure on Thursday as white. That’s because Carlsen, who won the draw and elected to play Game 1 as black, will get to play back-to-back contests on Friday and Sunday as white under the regulations, which dictate the rotation of the colors is reversed at the midpoint of the match.

“Of course double black is coming up and this is a quite a serious challenge, but this was always going to happen,” Caruana said. “And whether I win or draw [Thursday’s game], this was still going to happen. So I wasn’t approaching this game differently than any other.”

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Written by Bryan Armen Graham
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