Melamchi 684 km pipeline on roads

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For the distribution of Melamchi water, the pipe has been scattered at 684 km (km) of the valley. In the first phase, the pipe is planted at 684 km road, which has a program of plowing 720 kms in the first phase.

Implementation Directorate of Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Limited Project, which will be pipe in 720 kms in one and a half months.

Similarly, Directorate spokesperson Leila Prasad Dhakal said that 77 of the bulk distribution system were planted in a pipe in 59 km. He said that the goal of completing the first phase of pipe till mid-August is to be completed.

There is also a work of blacklisted on the pipe exhausted road. The directorate is blossoming in the eight-meter low-width road. Mukti Gautam, spokesperson of the road department, said the road division on the eight-meter highway was blacklisted.

According to the Directorate Office, a well-being chamber was constructed on the main street of road. By the middle of autumn, the pocket will also be made for pedestrians.