Michael Conlan: ‘It’s prize fighting and it’s up to me to deliver for my family’

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The unbeaten featherweight speaks about brotherly love, how to be friends with other boxers and his impatience before fights

Not far from Epsom Downs Racecourse, Irish featherweight boxer Michael Conlan sits in his rented accommodation and reflects on his transient lifestyle. “It’s a nice part of the world here in Surrey, but when I’m here I’m just a hermit. I eat, I sleep, I train and, maybe if I’m feeling adventurous, I might go to the cinema. It sounds fairly dull, but I just have to live this life during these years to give my family everything they need.”

Conlan boasts a record of 10 fights and 10 wins as a professional, with six coming by knockout. A two-time Olympian, he won bronze in London in 2012 before following that up with a World Championship gold in 2015. Conlan was predicted to win gold in Rio de Janeiro before losing a highly contentious decision in the quarter-finals. The image of Conlan vehemently protesting the decision in the ring could have been a tragic footnote to his boxing career, but instead it built searing momentum to his professional debut.

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Written by Jonathan Drennan
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Michael Conlan: ‘It’s prize fighting and it’s up to me to deliver for my family’

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