Mixed reception for new guidelines on transgender inclusion in sport


  • ‘Difficult decisions must not be avoided,’ says Women In Sport
  • Stonewall describes guidance as ‘extremely harmful’

The new transgender inclusion guidelines for sport in Britain have been broadly welcomed by a number of sports and women’s organisations, including Women in Sport. However they have also faced criticism from LGBT+ groups, such as Pride Sports and Stonewall.

The Guardian revealed on Wednesday that the five sports councils in the UK – which invest hundreds of millions of pounds in sport every year – had concluded there was no magic solution that balances the inclusion of trans women in female sport while guaranteeing competitive fairness and safety. That, says the new guidance, is because the latest science “makes clear” that trans women retain significant physique, stamina and strength advantages, even when they reduce testosterone levels.

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Written by Sean Ingle
This news first appeared on https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/sep/30/mixed-reception-for-new-guidelines-on-transgender-inclusion-in-sport under the title “Mixed reception for new guidelines on transgender inclusion in sport”. Bolchha Nepal is not responsible or affiliated towards the opinion expressed in this news article.