MoCIT proposes digitisation of 80 services under eight sectors


Kathmandu, August 4

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MoCIT) has proposed digitisation of 80 services under eight sectors as per the government’s plan to move towards rapid economic growth through value addition of information technology in service delivery and production, build transparency and upgrade some existing cities as ‘smart cities’.

Till date, only financial services have been highly digitised and service delivery has been effective and service providers have become more efficient since the digitisation of the financial services.

The framework developed by MoCIT will be validated only through intensive discussions with the stakeholders, including ministries and government entities.

The framework designed by MoCIT can be implemented in the next five years, which includes the eight sectors, namely, agriculture, healthcare, tourism, financial services, education, energy, urban infrastructure and connectivity.

Short-term, medium-term and long-term actions have been proposed under all the eight sectors. The framework was designed in collaboration with the globally popular research consultant, Frost & Sullivan.

The framework that has been designed speaks of upgrading the services through available technologies and purchasing low-cost technologies like how Copenhagen of Denmark and Selangor of Malaysia have done.

“Applicability of digital services is a matter of concern, but we have to encourage people to shift towards utilising digital services — especially the youngsters can quickly adopt these new technological services,” said Fahmi Ngah, managing director of Smart Selangor of Malaysia.

Smart Selangor, an initiative of the Malaysian government, has become highly successful within two years of its launch. Ngah said that they have plans to fully digitise the services proposed under 12 sectors by 2025.

“Digitisation will change the linear landscape of economic growth by accelerating growth through revolution in service delivery, production and control of corruption in Nepal.”

Written by Nikki Hamal
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