Monaco GP: where peril pushes F1 drivers to ‘another dimension’

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Forget the glamour, the street circuit is still the most demanding test where the slightest error can lead to a big crash

Formula One has long been happy to paint the Monaco Grand Prix with the very broadest of brush stokes. Here then, the streets of the Principality glory in the sport’s glamour, its ostentatious wealth over a weekend that embraces the spotlight and the celebrities it attracts beneath the clamour of a thousand flashbulbs. It is yachts and it is parties on yachts, where people come to be seen and F1 in turn sells itself to the world in the sunshine by the sea.

A bold and not a little brash picture is but the facade of a meeting that remains the most demanding test in Formula One. What really matters here is what happens behind the wheel and Monaco is still the drivers’ race.

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Written by Giles Richards in Monaco
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