Naomi Schiff: ‘It’s sad to think that skin colour is what you are judged on’

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The driver turned F1 TV presenter on being inspired by Lewis Hamilton, landing a stunt role in a Bond film and handling abuse

There is an unmistakable sense of quiet confidence, a deserved and hard-earned yet amiable assuredness that makes the former driver, and now Formula One presenter, Naomi Schiff, compelling company. F1 has few enough women working within the sport, it has fewer still women of colour yet Schiff has carved out a remarkable career with admirable equanimity in the face of the prejudice and obstacles that remain an unpleasant reality of modern sport.

Schiff is adamant she does not want race to define her but she is unafraid to address it. “I have been subject to loads of racial abuse,” she says. “Obviously social media is a terrible place at times. A study came out that me and Lewis Hamilton were subject to the most racial abuse of everyone in F1 last season but I’m not insecure about the colour of my skin, of who I am. It’s just very sad to think that’s what you are being judged on.”

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Written by Giles Richards
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